Friday, December 04, 2009

now that's a burger!

Mr. G brought one of those Angus third pounder burgers home from McDonald's for supper.

Holy crap, are they ever big! (How big are they, Goddess? I'd say about a third of a pound...)

They tasted really good, but they have this odd sauce, which must be mayonnaise based. I can't quite pinpoint the ingredients though.


BRUNO said...

Considering it came from Mickey-D's, I can almost imagine the ingredients, and why it's such an odd-sauce???

But I won't say. At least not THIS time! Well, maybe a hint?

Not too long ago, one of the night-crew at the local Mickey-D's got caught rubbin' his dick around the inside of a bun, as a way of retaliation to a (former) customer. Stupid bastard didn't think for one minute about the closed-circuit cam on the wall!

His victim happened to be one of the local L.E.O.'s. It was NOT a good-day in Ronalds' house for a while!

And rumor has it, they didn't even fire the little bastard---they just transferred him to ANOTHER Mc D's....

*Goddess* said...

You and Jeff are just bound and determined to mess with my mind when it comes to meat, aren't cha?!

I knew the instant you said "...why it's such an odd sauce", EXACTLY where you were going!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, well, it's better we mess with your MIND, instead of your MEAT!

Now THAT would be disgusting! Not to mention, STRANGE...???(shudder!)

BRUNO said...

Yessiree, a black-anus turd-pounder. Now THAT'S worth tryin'! Oh no, there really WAS a pic, somewhere on the web, with that alteration. I'll hafta look---!!!

(Yeah, I'm just like one of those blue-bottle flies, after he finds a fresh pile of cow shit---I keep comin' back for seconds! Maybe even turds...!)

*Goddess* said...

Fine. I'm gonna start messin' with your Sonic, buddy! I can do that since we don't have one around here:)

BRUNO said...

FINE!!!(blows raspberry)

I don't eat THERE anymore, either, since the new faggot "manager" started hiring young MEN curbhops, instead of the traditional young LADIES! Guess now I'll hafta go to the VFW, before the cook dies!(shudder!)

Ain't NOTHIN' sacred anymore...!