Saturday, December 19, 2009

it figures, after all, it's Christmas

Last week, I was going to go Christmas shopping but the tailpipe fell off of Mr. G's car. It took both of my crappy little paychecks to pay the bill.

Sooooooooooo, I decided to go shopping last night after work. We decided we were just going to buy each other a few small gifts in the $50-$75 range. Nothing extravagant because I just don't have it. They were calling for a snow storm, but it wasn't supposed to start till midnight, which would have given me an hour to speed through the store like a tornader in a trailer park and grab my stuff. I told myself that if it started snowing by the time I got out of work, I wouldn't go. Well, it was snowing, so I didn't go.

Today the boss's son from my night job called and asked if I could work this afternoon since she had a bit of a medical emergency that needed my attention. I said I could. After all, I have studded tires and a Rio that goes pretty much anyway. Screw that snow storm! Or so I thought. I had to grind my way up both side streets to get to the main street and that was AFTER they'd been plowed.

I called my husband after I got home and told him I knew what I was going to get with any money I received for Christmas: 2 new studded tires.
He's like, "NO WAY! Those tires are good! You just need to get a good start up the hill."
Yes, we've only lived here 20+ years. Why didn't *I* think of that?
I said, "Fine, when you get home, you try it."

So, long story short, I now have to order two new studded winter tires Monday morning with a price tag of almost $200. Lovely.

I will have shelled out over $450 for these two bills in two weeks. And I'm still no closer to getting those damn gifts.

I know I should be grateful that I have a good car and two jobs and an income, but once JUST ONCE, I'd like to have a fun Christmas, where I can buy a few gifts and not have to worry about $ and bills.


BRUNO said...

Well, you already know who's side I'm going with on the matter of "get a good start at the hill"-deal, don't cha'?

Yeah, it never hurts to dream about "fun"-holidays. But it'll never happen. There's always somethin' that'll happen, so as to "bitch the works"!

We're ADULTS, dammit---we ain't supposed to be FUN! We're supposed to be RESPONSIBLE!


*Goddess* said...

I know I need a good start up the hill, that's what ticked me off! We've lived here all this time and THAT'S the advice he gives me?! Oy!

BUT when I have really good tires, I can come right out of the drive and up the hill no problem. I've gotten up through several inches of snow and ice mix without it being plowed...when my tires are good.

It's actually getting harder and harder TO get a good start out of the drive because there are new folks down the street--about three new houses that weren't there when we moved in. Because of the positioning of our garage, it's hard to see whether or not a vehicle is coming up the street from that direction.

Mushy said...

I can kind of identify with you money and getting ahead...remember my post about the big tree I had to have cut? Probably not, but that's another story.

Anyway just 3 days before I had gotten a refund from my insurance for about $400...cost for the tree...that's right $400!

How do they know?

Anyway, I look at it as God provided again and left me even!

*Goddess* said...

Hey, I would be more than happy if $200 dropped in my lap and I could consider it even. It's when I can't that it SUCKS:)

powdergirl said...

You should be awarded 200 dollars just for the lame advice your husband gave you,"get a good start up the hill", Duh. Silly boy.

Hope it all evens out for you : )

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, PG, I hope it does, too!

BBC said...

Last week, I was going to go Christmas shopping but the tailpipe fell off of Mr. G's car. It took both of my crappy little paychecks to pay the bill.

Well, I don't do christmas shopping. And if the tailpipe fell off of my truck I would put a new one on it myself for a lot less than it cost you.

Shoot, I have a friend with one of those machines that muffler shops use, there's a good chance that it wouldn't cost me anything for the pipe.

Many of my friends are trades people and that comes in mighty handy at times.