Saturday, December 19, 2009

G Force G Sucks

I knew when I ordered G Force from Netflix, that the storyline would be a stretch since I was expected to believe four rodents were members of the FBI, but that doesn't explain the sucking.

I know it doesn't take much to hold a child's interest but that's no excuse for a lousy plot. The plot was stupid--yes, stupider then believing four rodents were members of an elite team. I mean, seriously, FBI guys engaged in a high speed chase with hamsters in balls? And smashing and rolling their SUVs over same said hamsters in balls? That is one GIANT sucking sound I hear.

The only bright spot was the funny lines between Juarez (Penelope Cruz), Blaster (Tracy Morgan) and Darwin (Sam Rockwell) as they tried to figured out which of the male hamsters Juarez was interested in.
She wrote on her Facebook page: "Men are like government bonds. They take way too long to mature."

Juarez accidentally blurted out to Blaster that she was interested in Darwin. Darwin overhears and later shows up at her door.
Darwin: Juarez, I hear over the wire you're interested.
Juarez: I'm not interested.
Darwin: That's not what you told Blaster.
Juarez: Don't you get it? I want him interested in me. And he'll only be interested if he thinks I'm not.
Darwin: But you are interested.
Juarez: I am.
Darwin: But not in me?
Juarez: No, no, no. Because you know you can have me, which makes you not interested and therefore I wouldn't be interested in you even if I were.

Later, Darwin told Blaster Juarez was really interested in him.
Darwin: Blaster, I need to tell you something about Juarez. You have nothing to worry about. She's not interested in me.
Blaster: She told you that?
Darwin: Yeah, she really wants you. She's trying to make you more interested in her by acting disinterested.
Blaster: Yeah, well maybe she told you she wants me in order to look not interested in you which makes you more interested in her.


BRUNO said...

What's up next? "Cloudy, With A Chance Of Meatballs"?

Man, things have went to hell since "Toy Story" made it to TV. That move always seems to "cheapen" an already mediocre plot.

(Gawd, I need a haircut! I'm startin' to look AND sound like Gene Shalit...!!!)

*Goddess* said...

Nope, next up is "UP" IF it ever gets here. Cloudy doesn't get released until Jan 5th, but YES, it is on the! Actually some folks with friends who saw "UP" said it was pretty good.

I'll have to check out "Toy Story" still haven't seen it.

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I'd like to see "UP", too!

It just seems that once they go syndicated to TV---well, "the thrill is gone", so to speak!