Thursday, November 26, 2009

whatever (DOESN'T) works

Just got finished watching "Whatever Works" written by Woody Allen and starring Larry David.

If you take the cynicism and neuroticism of Woody Allen, and combine it with the cynicism and neuroticism of Larry David, you have a bleak movie that is released to the theaters in June 2009 and out on DVD by October.

I like Larry David on Curb because it's a 42 minute experience on DVD. But an hour and 32 minutes of Larry David is waaaay too much Larry David.

I also think the premise of talking directly to the camera has been done to death.

In this movie, David considers himself to be a genius while all of those around him are mere idiots. (Sound familiar?) He takes in Evan Rachel Wood, a runaway from the South. He constantly bombards her with his cynical view of the world and how he's dying from every disease imaginable ala Richard Lewis and for some idiotic reason, she falls in love with him. And for that, David is right on one score--she's 'incredibly stupid'. They marry and her mother (Patricia Clarkson) comes to NY to find her after learning her husband (Ed Begley Jr.) has had an affair with her best friend. Mom stays in NY and goes from a Bible thumper to a Bohemian artist type shacking up with two men. Dad comes to NY to find her and ends up in a gay relationship. As Woody Allen would say, "Oy vey!"

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