Saturday, November 07, 2009

Today I cried. Thanks, Jay.

Jay sent this pic of ***SHUDDER*** the (not so) Brave Little Toaster.

When I used to babysit, the kids I watched were addicted to this stupid movie and we watched it over and over and over until I wanted to hurl myself out their trailer winder. Since it was only one story high, and more likely that I would fall through their broken floor boards, that move seemed rather futile. Try as I may, I could not get those little bast--beloved children--to stop watching this sick flick. No amount of screaming, "THAT IDIOTIC TOASTER IS CO-DEPENDENT!! DON'T YOU GET IT??!!" got through to them.

This movie has caused me irreversible psychological damage, to the point where I absolutely REFUSE to walk through the small appliance section of any store.

After much therapy, I have totally managed to block this hideous movie from my mind. Well, except when I have toast in the morning.


BBC said...

Never heard of that movie, but I haven't heard of a hell of a lot of movies. Maybe the more of them you watch the more screwed up it all makes you?

I need some liquid Prozac to deal with this rock as it is without watching movies, just the news is frigging enough to get me going. So now BILLY MAKES BRANDY

BRUNO said...

I remember that damned movie---I THINK???

Was that the version with celebrities doin' the back-ground vocals and such? Where that damned Hoover-upright starts dancin'-around, gets all "turned-on", literally?

Yeah, I watched all sorts of "weird-shit", before I finally "grew-up"!(About 5-years ago!)

*Goddess* said...

I don't know about the celebrities, but there was definitely an annoying Hoover in the movie.

BRUNO said...

BTW, the vacuums' name was KIRBY.

So, unless he was a "bastard-model", he COULDN'T have been a HOOVER-vac!

Gets deep, doesn't it??? LOL!!!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, it "sucks" too..could NOT resist, even though I tried.

That's right, his name WAS Kirby...*more shuddering*

BRUNO said...

Yeah, it SUCKS!

Dammit! Wish I'd a-thunk of that line first.....!!!