Sunday, November 15, 2009

Napster BLOWS

I BOUGHT songs on Napster last year, and now when I try to play them, I keep getting this "media usage rights acquisition" message. All I can listen to is 30 seconds of each song and when I ask for the full MP3, it brings up a page for my credit card. Ya know, I paid for those songs, so I should be able to play them anywhere, any time and I shouldn't have to piss with Napster software or licensing to do it. Now I'm reading about other people who keep getting msgs to renew their song license info on Napster.

Fuck Napster.

They're not getting another dime of my money.

I have no problem with songs I've purchased on Amazon. It's faster and easier and I plan to stick with them.


Mushy said...

You should try LimeWire.

*Goddess* said...

Does Limewire use spyware at all? I ran into that problem with Kaaza.

BRUNO said...

And I understand that even "free" over-the-air radio stations are facing the very same situation, soon.

Damn! Ain't NOTHIN' sacred, anymore!

Jennifer Wilbur said...

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your tracks purchased from Napster last year. This is most likely because they are in the Windows Media Format.

This link will give you instructions on how to fix your problem:

Feel free to email directly if you you have any more problems at jenATrockstarcommunicationsDOTcom.

Jen Wilbur
[for Napster]

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, but no thanks, Jennifer. I deleted Napster and I'm never buying from them again. I don't have this problem with Amazon and I shouldn't have it with Napster. It's a bunch of bullshit. I either own the songs or I don't and I shouldn't have to go through all this re-downloading b.s.