Wednesday, November 11, 2009

guess what I'm getting!!!!!

Remember when I stayed at South's way back when he wasn't particular, and I had my sweet lil pig Lassie? I loved that little pig and I miss him so much. Every time I go to Denny's and have a Grand Slam, I think of him. Lassie, not South.

Well, Mr. G didn't want a pig because he felt it would be too big and sloppy. A pig big and sloppy? Get real. He also felt he wouldn't fit in well at the trailer court. Puhleeze. He'd be right at home.

No problem because now there are "teacup pigs" who only weigh 65 pounds full grown....or the equivalent to four dozen BLT's. AND they only cost about $500!!! I can so afford that if I cut out food and medicine for the offspring.

I already have her name picked out: Piggy Sue. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!


Mushy said...

Well, I hate to lay this on you, but I've already formed an opinion...had to! My daughter got a pot-bellied pig a few months ago.

They then booked a cruise and wanted us to keep the pig in our house. I refused saying, "Would you buy a house that you've seen a pig coming out of?"

She still loves me and we don't talk about it.

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, but pot bellied pigs are much fatter and not nearly as cute. Sorry, no offense to your daughter's pig..LOL.

Mushy said...

None taken...I think we should eat it!

BRUNO said...

Yeah! DIET-pigs!

Equally tasty, just not as much on your grill....!

(Hmm. Must be where Oscar-Meyer gets those little link-sausages from???)