Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a G.E.D. is a terrible thing to waste

I was sitting at an outdoor cafe with a friend of mine today and there were two high school age guys sitting nearby.

Across the street was a billboard for a local hospital with some info about angina.

The one kid said to the other, "If we had some spray paint we could climb up there, add a "v" and that would make it "vagina".

Nooot from where I'm sitting.

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BRUNO said...

OK, I hate to admit it---it took me TWO-reads to "get-it"! Now, if it'd spelled PUSSY, or SNATCH, etc., etc.---now THAT I would've picked right up on!

Vagina, huh. Sounds more like an old-wine, of some sort! (A PORT-wine, at that!)

High-school age, eh? Must BOTH already be 21 then, huh? You know---just a little behind the "original"-class of 2010?