Sunday, November 29, 2009

celebrities are soooo out of touch with the real world

I was reading this article about a woman in the Bronx, who is essentially broke and unable to afford much of anything for her kids this Christmas.

While I think it's FANTASTIC that Ellen helped her out by giving her a vehicle and $10,000, the idea wasn't well thought out. I see the same problem with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Much as I wonder how the home owners are going to pay for big insurance rates on a newly remodeled house, I wonder how in the world Ellen thinks this mother and student is going to come up with the money to pay the insurance on an expensive SUV?

Celebs are so out of touch with reality. While the shiny, costly SUV's are great to look at, and ooo and ahhh over, a much more practical idea would have been to give her an economical car, maybe a hybrid, and with the rest of the money, pay her car insurance for a year or two or three or four, given that a GMC Terrain SUV starts at $24,000+.


BBC said...

An idiot single mother with kids and no employment would be wise to sell the SUV and buy a cheap clunker that is in good enough shape to get her around.

Or just make use of the Metro passes, lots of folks in Brooklyn don't have cars, it's just a plain shitty place to have a car, the parking alone will sink her in a year.

Ten grand in NYC isn't shit for money. I can live on that for a whole year here, I get by just fine on less than twelve grand.

WW said...

I've noticed that happens a lot when I watch the Tyra Banks show and she "does something" to help someone out. One time there was a mother that had a kid with I think some kind of debilating disease and all her time was taken by moving her child so the muscles didn't atrophe or something like that, and Tyra gives her a tour and some time backstage on the food network. She would never have the time to use this new knowledge she got. Why Tyra didn't give her money to hire a nurse so she could have free time, or just get them a nurse, I don't know.
Last week she had three mothers and daughters in hard times talking about how excited they were about there finally being a black Disney princess, so she takes them all the Disneyland. Now, I get that they're going to have a great time and get some great memories, I bet mom couldn't really afford to take that many days off work, given what we heard about their lives on the show.
I don't watch a lot of talk shows, but Tyra's is fun, sometimes, though how she really thinks she's helping people by giving them crap stuff instead of stuff they really need is beyond me.

Kim said...

The reason I don't like home makeover is because they sink so much money into a custom, huge home for one family. Why not build small houses like habitat houses and build 10 of them?