Saturday, October 10, 2009

to do or not to do....that was the question

I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to wash the bathroom carpets--a gal can only do so much cleaning, ya know.

A few minutes later, the toilet overflowed and took the matter right out of my hands.

And why did I just draw a total blank on how to spell "minutes"? I HATE when that happens.


BRUNO said...

That's why I have mine done-up with that "fake-grass" outdoor stuff, like those well-offs put on their patios.(Kinda gives you that "all-natural" feeling, ya' know?) And,when "shit-happens", just drag it out, an' hose it down with the pressure-washer! Really! No shit!!!

Well, actually, on the other hand...???

*Goddess* said...

Yeeeeah, somehow I get the feeling that your next suggestion is going to be shitting in the weeds;)

BRUNO said...

Nah-h-h. I think I'll find one of those 8-foot-long black snakes---YOU probably call 'em RAT-snakes---an' hang 'im on the towel-rack. Then it'll be just like my Grandma's outhouse of yester-years!

Between the cold, ass-numbing sleet-n'-snow comin' through the cracks, and the heat, humidity, and snakes that'd hang from the rafters---ya' didn't fart-around much,(literally!)while "takin' care of business"...!