Thursday, October 01, 2009

take me out to the ball game

I was reading an article about a couple from Indiana who named their child Wrigley Fields because they love the Cubs.

That's just selfish. It's not our place to push our hobbies onto our kids in the form of their name. What if this kid grows up to hate baseball?

Hey, I love sex, but I have the common sense not to name any of my kids "Screaming O".

Although I did name one of my kids "Angel Soft" and another one, "Massengill".


BRUNO said...

Gee, you MUST be royalty, indeed!

MY sisters always referred to ME as "ass-wipe", or "douche-bag", instead of those "brand-name-designations"!

(Heh, heh! Betcha didn't think I'd catch-on to that one, did ya'??? Fooled yo'ass...!)

"Screaming-O" could be adapted, as in:"Yo, O! Wassup?" (All this, while doing "The-Walk" down to the corner liquor shop...)

*Goddess* said...

I can honestly say you put more thought into my post than I did. I just slapped down the two things I saw in the newspaper next to me...LOL!

BRUNO said...

It's a GIFT---what more can I say???