Sunday, October 11, 2009

the office *yawn* wedding

I was VERY disappointed in the Pam & Jim's wedding on The Office.

First of all, I don't think they should have married during the season. Their relationship is one of the things that keeps viewers tuning in. They should have made it a cliffhanger. End it at the part where she ripped her veil and have her say something overly dramatic like, "I can't do this, Jim." Then come back next season and show them running off to get pre-married at Niagara Falls.

Secondly, that whole dancing down the aisle thing? UGH. That was so YouTube three or four months ago. Booooring.

Andy tore his scrotum and Pam had to drive him to the hospital? Who cares? Dumb. IMNSHO, Ed Helms adds absolutely nothing to that show.

I guess the biggest problem with the show is that there was nothing new or exciting. The only sweet part was Jim's toast. The rest was just a hum drum.

They flirted with Pam's mother and Michael hooking up but never followed through. Now THAT would have made things interesting around The Office.

Ok, I have to correct myself on one thing: there was one part of the show that I thought was sweet and funny, but hardly original. When Pam told Jim they should take mental pictures of moments they wanted to remember. Jim snapped a picture of Pam then said it didn't come out right and she said, "Aww, you should have hired a professional to take your mental pictures."

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Meanwhile, back at the TEXACO station, Fred's pumpin' Ethyl....;)