Tuesday, October 20, 2009

monsters vs aliens

I just finished watching Monsters Vs. Aliens, and while the "fighting aliens" part became tedious at times, it was a really cute movie. One that adults will probably enjoy as well as the kids. Although, I wouldn't take really small kids because some of those alien machines could be scary to a child. (I know I was a little weepy at times.)

Colbert, playing the President of the United States, had some funny lines, including:"I'm not gonna go down in history as the President who was in office when the world came to an end!" In the middle of a strategy meeting, he became frustrated and stood up and walked to the wall.
The President: "Oh, what's the point? It's a disaster."

[Goes to push a huge red button; all the advisors shout "Don't do it!"]
Advisors: That button launches all of our nuclear missiles!

The President: Then which button gets me a latte?

Advisor: That would be the other one, sir.

Points to an identical button next to the first one; The President pushes it and serves himself a cup of coffee]
The President: What idiot designed this thing?

Advisor Wilson: You did, sir.
The President: Fair enough. Wilson, fire somebody.
Wilson: Right away, sir.

Seth Rogan's character as a gelatinous blob was hilarious and perfectly suited for him, right down to his laugh. He had some funny lines, too. He hit on a plate of lime jello then said, "I think that jello gave me a fake phone number." At another point, "I may not have a brain, but I have an idea." His break up scene with Derek was especially funny.

And now that I rented Monsters VS. Aliens, I see that it's on tv next week for Halloween. Dang. Catch it if you can.


BRUNO said...

What? ME, watch animated characters? How childish!

(Is it gonna be on NETWORK tv, or CABLE-systems only?)

Well, SOMEBODY has to watch it, to make certain that NO ONE ELSE does...!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, puhleeze, I just watch these shows for the KIDS........

Ok, I didn't hear right, this is what I read: "The first of the 30-minute specials is titled, "Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space," and is based on the 2009 smash hit, Monsters vs. Aliens. It features the voices of cast members Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Kiefer Sutherland and Rainn Wilson (NBC's "The Office"). The special is set to air on Wednesday, October 28 (8-8:30 p.m. ET, repeating from 8:30-9 p.m. ET)."

You GOTTA hear Rogen as the blue blob thing. It's scary how well his personality and voice is suited to a blob..LOL!

*Goddess* said...

Ooops... on NBC:)

BRUNO said...

Oooh, I'll have to be sure and NOT watch it, then!

Well, maybe I should, you know. But, just to voice my displeasure, to such childish applications of the adult-dominated masses of network TV-viewers!

(Don't even TRY it, Babe---you ain't GOT a shovel big-enough to hold all of that bullshit I piled-up there...!!!)

*Goddess* said...

I'm gonna "not" watch it, too.

BTW, I know you're totally disgusted with all of these "childish applications of the adult-dominated masses of network tv viewers" (hell, respond? I don't even know what you said!)--BUT did you "not" watch Monsters, Inc? And if "not", what did you think?

BRUNO said...

Well, of course I DIDN'T watch it!

I also DID NOT buy one-each of the little-plastic replicas of the two main characters---the "eyeball", an' the big, hairy thing, whatever the names were? Each of them has---er, I mean, HAD---their own individual LED-light when ya' gave 'em a squeeze!

(I know "the hairy-thang's" voice was John Goodman. I THINK the "eyeballs" voice was---Billy Chrystal???)

Like I said---I wouldn't know, since I "NEVER" watched the movie, let alone "NEVER" buying it...!

BRUNO said...

P.S.---I also DO NOT own a Kim Possible "action-figure"---with folding "wing-pack"---, nor do I own one of the whats-his-name cowboy figure, from "Toy Story I & II". And I wouldn't have been caught dead, owning a Buzz Lightyear "action-figure", complete with the CAR from those same two, either...!!!

*Goddess* said...

Good enough! I'm NOT renting it either! You know, I've never seen Toy Story one OR two? Guess I'll have to.

BBC said...

I'm sure I won't be watching it but I just had another great camping trip. No computer, no cell phone, and little contact with the outside world, it was great, as always.