Thursday, October 01, 2009

harder, better, stronger, faster

It's taken weeks for that dispshit Rendell and PA lawmakers to come up with a budget for Pennsylvania.

They've cut human services, such as help for elder care, but it seems they have a more needy cause: the Pittsburgh Penguins.

They've already agreed to give $40 million to the team to cover some of the costs of constructing the freaking $325 million dollar arena, and now they're going to float them an additional $5 million for a bond bailout.

Oh, well, what would the elderly have used that sort of money for anyway? Heating? Bathing assistance? Caregivers? Clearly it would have been wasted on frivolous garbage.

Soooo much better that the Pens have it. I would LOVE to know how much of that $325 million dollar price tag was paid for by the TEAM OWNERS.

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