Thursday, October 29, 2009

got back up?

My hard drive crapped out on me Friday night. Thanks to a computer guy who works all hours of the night and $300, I was back in business Monday.

It was almost comical when he called me at 12:45 a.m. Monday morning and asked me if I wanted to swing by and pick up my sweet lil laptop.

Comical if I hadn't actually been considering pulling on a coat over my jammies and going.

Anywho, I had most of my files, thanks to Stacey's column on backing up your files and my ClickFree. Too bad my Gateway restore CD wasn't as reliable.


BBC said...

Shit, for just a bit more than three hundred bucks I can replace my whole box.

Wait, did I say box? Ha ha ha.

Most of anything that is important to me gets stored on the internet so even if my computer completely I can still go retrieve it.

And I do backups that go into a deposit box at the bank. You know, because we think all this shit is so important.

But if I quit computing tonight would it really make any difference to the rest of the world?

BBC said...

so even if my computer completely dies