Sunday, October 18, 2009

floating in the summer sky, 99 red balloons go by

Sadly, it turns out balloon boy might be a hoax.

What self-respecting parent would get a small child to lie like that on national television?! Seasoned parents know the good liars are the teenagers. Little kids crack under pressure, but teens are like hardened criminals. They lie and lie and continue to lie even under the face of mounting evidence!

Learn a lesson, stupid attention whoring parents!

One person did point out that there's no way that balloon would have held the weight of a small child, even one Falcon's size. Oh, yeah, and who names their kid "Falcon"?!

In honor of this fiasco, I give you......


BRUNO said...

Damned if that wasn't the FIRST thing I said:"Who the hell names their kid FALCON?" Of course, the answer is:"Someone a LOT more wealthy than I will ever be!"

Really, I'm just jealous!(It'd take a Zeppelin to float MY big-ass, even 2-feet off the ground!)

I "smelled a rat" right away, when ONE college professor said, "Yes, it IS large enough to lift a child that weight." And then immediately following, no fewer than 10-others---most of them professional-balloonists themselves---said, "NO FREAKIN' WAY, was it big enough to lift more than eight-to-ten pounds up to the altitude it was floating at." So---I'd say, "Majority-rules!" here, ya' think???

The whole family acts, and sounds, like the typical "whack-job", to me...

BRUNO said...

And, as for NENA---the original Deutsche-version is HOTT-er...!!!