Wednesday, September 02, 2009

up in smoke

I told Mr. G that he is absolutely FORBIDDEN to rent any more Gunsmoke DVD's until such time as I can get Dennis Weaver's hickish accent out of my head. When he says "Mister Dillon"--which clocks in at about 25 times per episode-- it comes out as "Mister Dealin'."

I don't get why he continues to call Marshall Dillon, "MISTER". He's either "Marshall" or "Matt." For pete freaking sake, they've been tracking down murderers together, tied up and left for dead together, they've even hustled Miss Kitty together and yet that idiot Chester STILL calls the Marshall "MISTER DEALIN".

Geez, what does he have to do to get the Marshall to say, "Call me 'Matt'?" I can picture him going down on Matt and saying, "Was that as good for you as it was for me, Mister Dealin'?" I didn't realize they stood on such formality in the old West.

And could Chester be any more good for nothing? Every time something happens, he goes running for the Marshall. He doesn't do anything on his own. Hell, he rarely carried a gun! I guess he figured since he was deputized, he wasn't doing the work.

During one episode that we watched yesterday, a guy was beating up on his wife and the Marshall stopped him. He said, "Hey, I'm her husband! I have my rights." Oy.


Mushy said...

Well, if that accent bother's you, you sure don't want to be stopping by my place. Although, it would be good for a few laughs!

BRUNO said...

Wa-a-a-a hail! Che'd nevah fit in, a-comin' frum Yankee ter-tory! Be lak one o' dose roun' paigs, n'-a skware-hole! Gotta beat 'er inna place, an' den knock-off duh bhurrs afore ya' siddown!

Yep, she'd be worth at least a dozen laughs...!!!

*Goddess* said...

I like the Carolinas/Tennessee accents. It's just the real strong Southern ones that grate.

*Goddess* said...

Damn it, Bruno. It took me a few minutes but I actually got that!

Mushy said...

My favorite accent of all is deep south...plantation owner accents that sound like "Hur Mutha and Fatha". Almost regal in these parts. I worked for a lady from Columbia, TN, where there are many old plantation homes. I loved to hear her talk..."like butta!"

Now my wife is East Tennessean...she would probably drive you crazy! I'm a mixture of Tennessee/Alabama but with a little corrected college English mixed together.

BRUNO said...

Well, damn it, Goddess, it took ME almost a half-hour to WRITE-it...!!!