Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

Ok, here's my review of the movie:

He's there, he's not there, he's naked, he's there, he's not there, he's naked, she's pregnant, she's not pregnant, she's pregnant, she's not pregnant, old him has vasectomy, young him sexes her up, she's pregnant, he's there, he's not there, he's naked, the kid is there, the kids not there, he's been shot, *GASP* he's dead. Son of a bitch, he's back.

Good thing they get along because this guy is like a husband ya can't shake for all eternity.

And I've seen more of Eric Bana's naked ass than I care to, thank you very much.

Funny part of the movie was after she married him and then was pissed that he kept disappearing. Hey, not like she didn't know he was a time traveler BEFORE she married him.

All in all, don't waste your money. You can smell this stinker five miles away.


BRUNO said...

Sounds like about the same "plot" as the TV-series "Ghost Whisperer" now is. Totally ruined that show---and THAT opinion is from Mrs. B.!

Me? Yeah, hell, I'd watch it occasionally---just to see Jennifer Love-Hewitt's lil' ass shinny-'cross the screen!

KO said...

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All my follower are gone, so click to follow again... thats if u still like me...lol