Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this is a question for all you cigarette smokers...

I'm not a smoker, but I'm trying to get a good conspiracy theory going.

The lady I take care of smokes Jacks, similiar to the package shown here. She is constantly complaining that the cigarettes are going out. Sometimes she has to relight a cigarette four times. I keep trying to tell her it's God's way of frustrating her into quitting, but she ain't buying it.

Anywho, we all know that every company has tried to cut back on their product size/quality lately and I'm wondering if the cigarette companies aren't adding more crap and less tobacky, causing the cigarettes to go out more?

So I'm wondering, is anyone else noticing this problem? Or is Jacks just a crappy, cheap cigarette?


Dustin said...

There is a new law out where they have to put double papers in the filter which causes the cigarette to go out easier in case it is dropped or whatnot. Supposedly its the most "fire safe" cigarette. This is why they keep going out.

*Goddess* said...

Oooooo, no wonder! I knew something had to be causing it to go out, but I've never heard of this. The only ones who benefit from this are the match companies and the lighter companies.

BBC said...

It's not actually double papers in the filter, it's something added to the tobacco to put it out if you don't keep puffing on it.

I smoke, but hate that I do, if I didn't smoke I'd be fucking perfect. :-)

Carrie said...

Actually, the papers are stuck together with carpet glue, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which has never been tested for human ingestion. The MSDS says it should be kept away from flame and people working with it should wear a respirator. Funny how they thought they had to slow down the burn rate with more chemicals when they tobacco contains chemicals to accelerate the burn.

I think FSC cigarettes will kill millions of people and the stats will simply say they died from smoking. Feel free to read my conspiracy theory.

If people can't or don't want to quit smoking there are alternatives, making your own and electronic cigarettes.

Take care.

Carrie said...

Hi again *Goddess*!

Since this whole FSC thing started my husband and I have tried several roll your own tobaccos and a couple of machines. Our favorite tobacco is from Custom Blends, fave machine is the Premier Supermatic Cigarette Machine, not to be confused with the cheaper Premier Supermatic 2. Custom Blends runs out of the one we like and their website seems to have some problems sometimes, I'm sure they're getting an enormous amount of traffic but they give "tubes" free with a purchase of a 6oz. bag of tobacco. From the pic it looks like your lady smokes short cigs (regular), really all you need to know about the tubes is if they're regular or 100mm. RJ Reynolds is the manufacturer of her brand so I think like a Salem would be good for her.

I swear I'm not affiliated with Custom Blends or Premier, not making any money, I just care.

I've cut down smoking in the past and it felt like loosing an old friend. After 30 years of smoking quitting would be a horrible loss for me and even more for our people who have had it as a part of their life for even longer.

God bless you for taking care of her and caring enough to put this out here.

*Goddess* said...

She actually smokes the 100's, Carrie, I just couldn't find the correct pic:) Truth is her COPD is getting so bad and she's on oxygen 24/7, so she really shouldn't be smoking at all, but at her age--78, that is one tough habit to crack.

Carrie said...

I understand, I really do. If you can, please make her cigs for her from the link above and in the meantime ask the smoke shop for any non-FSC menthols they have, they're not allowed to sell many now but you might get lucky and find a brand that hasn't been "hit" yet. When we were waiting for our new tobacco to come in the mail our smoke shop guy recommended a brand called "1839" and it got us through. No one should smoke FSC cigarettes, especially someone in her condition. I think she still has a reason to be on this planet and no one has the right to cut it short, the government may have a different opinion.

She has COPD and is on oxygen, she's way up there in age, she isn't going to quit, I think she wants her last time here to be as normal as possible. FSCs are not normal.