Sunday, September 27, 2009

it was a sucky tv Sunday

The Simpsons started their 20th season tonight, proving that mediocre TV lives on. Seth Rogan was bragging about how happy he was to write the season opener. Perhaps that happiness was a bit premature. The show sucked. Hey, it's nothing if not consistent.

It seemed to be a day of sucking, thank you, Steelers. Sigh.


BRUNO said...

Better'n that damned "Family-Guy" shit. They need to lose that excuse for entertainment in the same deep-hole they finally threw "King Of The Hill" into! Although, granted, "The Simpsons" aren't gaining any ground each season, either. There comes a time for everything, when it's best to call it quits, and pick it back up in syndication, later.

Oh, and before I forget: Thanks for blinding my ass, with your new background! I had my eyes all dilated, adjusted for that "chocolate"-theme I had got accustomed to, and then, BAM!!!

Why not somethin' more, subtle???


*Goddess* said...

Well, Cleveland's show wasn't toooo bad, but I've never liked King of the Hill. I just couldn't get into it. I think because Hank is such a damn bore.

Hey, I AM WOMAN!! I have to "move the furniture" around now and then:)

BRUNO said...

Hey, I'm ready for it, now---I just look away when I tap the mouse-button on the link!

In all honesty, it IS a lot easier to read. And, that's a SUPER-header---kinda fits the theme, ya' know!

*Goddess* said...

Just think, in a few days you'll be able to put away those sunglasses and look at it with your naked eye:)

Yeah, I had that header on my .com for years and then it occurred to me to bring it over here, but I had to wait till Google made uploading pics to your header easier. I'm lousy at that sort of stuff.

Bugs said...

Hey, I kinda thought that was a pretty good game. Yes, Thank You Steelers!

*Goddess* said...