Wednesday, September 09, 2009

f*ing ENOUGH already

Today I was waiting at the chiropractor's office and his staff had the TV set to CNN. Unfortunately, A.J. Hammer was on with his much ado about nothing celebrity gossip Showbiz Tonight show.

They mentioned a story about Chris Brown ragging on Oprah because of her comments about the Rhianna beating and I was interested in seeing what the little idiot who doesn't know when to shut up had to say. (Yeah, I'm crabby. You'd be crabby too if you had to sit through that shit AND pay $25 to do it.)

Anywho, they start the show off Jon and Kate from the show "Jon and Kate: They Don't Give A Shit About Their Eight." Apparently Jon spoke out about Kate and said that he "despised" her and that she "verbally abused" him. Ok, from the snippets I've seen of Kate on the show, if she talked to him that way ON camera, I can only imagine how she talked to him OFF camera. Here's where Jon went wrong: HE KEPT HAVING KIDS WITH A WOMAN WHO TREATED HIM LIKE SHIT.

But what galled me the most was the way A.J. Hammer kept fueling the fires, spending the first 30 minutes of an hour show on these two. Then he'd say that they needed to stop running each other day down because some day their kids would see the footage. I guess it made him feel good about himself because he'd say it every time he aired footage of them running each other down. He actually had the balls to say THEY were hypocrites.

The media is every bit as responsible for this train wreck as Jon and Kate are. They took a stand on Octomom and they need to take a stand here, too. They need to STOP RUNNING STORIES ABOUT THESE NO NAME IDIOTS, and yeah, that includes you, A.J. Hammer.


copluvr said...

what was the chris brown story?

*Goddess* said...

Oh, he said that because he helped Okra out with her school in Africa she should keep her mouth shut about him beating the snot out of Rhianna. Yeah, it really works that way...