Wednesday, September 02, 2009

don't go away mad...just go away

Wow. Knocking up Sara Palin's daughter was probably the smartest career move Levi Johnston ever made. He's been on all sorts of talk shows, he had the GQ spread and he even said he would pose nude if the price is right.

Yes, Levi. We get that you will do anything (and anyONE) for fame and fortune.

Now if you would just go away.


BBC said...

I read this morning that Sarah wanted to adopt the baby and hide from the world that her daughter had been knocked up.

Makes sense to me, after all, she is a screwed up christian.

Mushy said...

Well, I can't believe you're on Sarah's side in this, but I'm sure glad you are!

*Goddess* said...

Mushy, I'm not wild about her political beliefs, but I feel bad that she was almost stuck with a opportunistic son in law, who will do and say anything to stay in the limelight. He's pathetic.

*Goddess* said...

Well, it makes no sense to me, Billy, because in this day and age, I don't believe it would be possible. The press are RELENTLESS and if they so much as even had a HINT that the baby wasn't Sarah's they would have gone after this like pit bulls. I honestly believe that even if they thought it was a private adoption, they'd go after the birth parents. Besides, too many people knew and people talk.

BRUNO said...

(Hey MUSHY---I think we're wearin' her down! Like a piss-ant on a sugar-cube---one grain at a time!)

Mushy said...'ll never happen, but it's fun sparing with her from time to time.