Thursday, August 27, 2009

say it isn't so, Bob

Please tell me this is just some bad internet joke.

I can't even understand Bob Dylan when he SINGS, how in the world am I going to understand his GPS directions? Why not just have a chimp give us directions?

*Mumble, mumble turn mumble mumble*

Anybody who buys a car with Dylan's voice as navigational tool better up their insurance because the turns they are a changin'....and probably without warning.


BRUNO said...

"...the turns they are a-changin'!"

Ooooh---she's CUTE, n' HOTT, today, ain't she???

BBC said...

My old gps unit doesn't talk and I've been all over this country and half of Canada without one anyway.

So I guess I don't give a fuck being as I learned how to get around long before gps units. :-)

If I bought one that talked I would just be telling it that it was a fucking idiot. I talk back you know. :-)