Tuesday, August 04, 2009

me, me, me! how do you like me?!

Wow. How much of an attention seeker do you have to be to do a 'reality' show centered around the fact that your son slept with your wife, his Playboy posing, step mommy dearest?

I always knew Lorenzo Lamas was in love with himself and in love with the thought of everyone else being in love with him, but damn, this is truly pathetic.

He says he's doing it "heal". WHAAAA?! You mean he's not doing it so that "if even one person can be spared his pain it will have been worth it"?! You know that he is sincerely doing it to "heal" by the way he keeps telling everyone they'll just have to watch the show to see how everything turns out.

Lamas also said, "I think it will be interesting for the audience to see how we cope with this new opportunity.”

I, for one, have high hopes for them, because you know what they say, "Money and publicity heal all wounds."

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