Monday, August 10, 2009

it's summer learning time!

I have signed up all of the males in the Goddess household for Potty Training Boot Camp, where hopefully they will learn the difference between the rim, the bowl and the FLOOR.

I'm also hoping they cover the difference between a maid and a mother.

I have spoken.

Drop and give me twenty. And wipe up the urine while you're down there.


Dustin said...

Mine started school today, cant believe how early they started this year! Hope they have fun at their summer camp :P

*Goddess* said...

Already?! Why so early? Earliest around here is the 27th.

Dustin said...

They got out of school on May 25, they went back Aug. 10th. Not sure why so early, IMO its kinda rediculous.

*Goddess* said...

That's just crazy. The kids got out here the 3rd. While it was probably nice to have them out on the 25th of May, it's nuts to go back now when it's so doggone HOT.

Dustin said...

Somehow we have had such a mild summer, even now, that its been absolutely crazy. I heard on the news the average temperature here in Indy this summer has been something like 72 degrees.