Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm hott and bothered

Gotta love old people. Actually, no ya don't.

The woman I take care of at night is a chain smoker and I'm a non-smoker. Add to the fact that it's been very hott and humid lately, and old people seem to have an aversion to being the slightest bit COOL. Fresh air to old people is what water was to the wicked witch.

This woman still has all the plastic on her windows from winter. There is not a BIT of air flow in that house. It's downright stifling. I finally asked her son to PLEASE put the screen in the backdoor or take the plastic off the window in the kitchen because the smoke and heat was giving me awful headaches. He called and told me the screen was in, and I thought, "FINALLY! I'll be able to get some air."

Well, he only put the screen in the door. The windows are still sealed shut as if she's terrified some--God forbid!--air might seep in. The first few nights, I had the door open not more than five minutes, and she got up and shut it, saying, "We don't know who could be out there looking in" as if people were huddled in the backyard just waiting for her to open the door so they could rob her.

I complained again to her son and he took the plastic off of ONE WINDOW and put the air conditioner in it.

I thought, "FINALLY! NOW I'll be able to get some air." After working with them all these years, I really don't know old people, do I?

She has those heavy foam backed drapes for winter on year round, so I'd pull the drapes back to allow the air to circulate. After two nights of this, I went in to work last night and she had the foam backed drapes pinned shut OVER the AC.


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BRUNO said...

"...never know who might be lookin' in!"

Take heart! With your luck, it might be a whole company of HOTT firemen, following the "smoke-signal" you sent out in the short five-minutes you had the door open...!!!