Sunday, August 09, 2009

could you take my picture cuz I won't remember

I went grocery shopping at WallyWorld Sunday morning with Mr. G. I've been DYING to get a camcorder now that I see JVC has an Everio, that is both camcorder and digital camera, in the $250ish bracket.

They come in shiny blue or shiny candy apple red. I'm blonde. It's a natural fit.

I wanted to hold one in my hand. I wanted to drool over it. I wanted to sneak it into the cart and let Mr. G think he made a huge mistake adding up the groceries.

I managed to get out of the grocery department and lead my husband over to the electronics section. No, he's not like most men. He doesn't get lost there for hours. I do. Since WallyWorld did that damn store reset, putting the dog food near the grocery department, I have no excuse to "accidentally" wander into electronics.

Mr. G said, "While we're here, we need some tapes for the VCR."

I said, "Honey, in what century do you think we'll buy a DVR?"

He had no idea what I was talking about.

I picked up one of their more expensive boring black camcorders and with as much enthusiasm as I usually have when talking about cops, said, "Now THIS is what I want to buy!"

He immediately read the price tag out loud with a frown in his voice. Yes, he can frown and talk at the same time. It usually happens when there's money involved.

He said, "Three hundred and sixty nine dollars.........(wait for it)............ A PIECE?"

He always adds "A PIECE?!" to let you know that he thinks you should get two or three whatever for that outrageous price.

I said, "Oh, I'd never buy one THIS expensive. I'd buy a cheaper model, like this one for $250" cuz I'm nothing if not clever. "When you think about it, honey, I'm saving us one hundred and nineteen dollars."

He said, "I know how you can save us two hundred and fifty dollars..." The killjoy.

Then he gave me a very committed, "We'll see," which means I'll have to sneak valuable doctor bill money out of each pay until I have enough to buy it or I'll never own it. I mean, what's more important? My children's health or the camcorder? Damn straight the camcorder is more important. You can't make funny movies with a polio vaccination!

This is a prime example of why I never take Mr. G along when I'm buying anything in the electronics section...other than tapes for the VCR.

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BBC said...

Hum, I have two camcorders that I haven't used for years.

My hundred dollar HP digital camera does any vid I do these days just fine.