Monday, August 24, 2009

"..and Miss Universe 2009 is.....)

What was up with those STUPID questions asked at last night's Miss Universe pageant? Are they deliberately dumbing down the questions after Miss Teen South Carolina's fiasco? Hell, her question was harder than theirs!

Here are some of the questions: "Do you believe there should be mandatory AIDS testing?" (The only half intelligent question in the bunch); "Has being beautiful kept you from being taken seriously in the business world?" (Quick! Somebody dial 911! We need a whaaaambulance!); "Why do you want to be famous?"; "You were shown in a bathing suit tonight. Some women aren't able to show themselves in swimsuits in their countries. How does that make you feel?" (What a STUPID question); and then some question about being women being held back in business.

What gets me is the way they don't answer the questions. The AIDS question, for instance. The contestant said something along the lines of, "Yes, I believe there should be AIDS testing" and then some bullshit about being careful when having sex. The question concerned MANDATORY AIDS TESTING, and I'm sorry but we've had enough of our freedoms taken away in this world, we don't need to be forced to take medical tests now, too. Besides, a lot of people wouldn't even fall into the high risk category.

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BBC said...

Many of the questions are so stupid, like expecting those girls to be angles. But I'll bet not a one of them are a virgin and that's fine with me. Never had any use for a virgin myself. Never had one, didn't want one.