Tuesday, July 07, 2009

rockin' robin

I was flipping channels and caught some of The Michael Jackson Channel (formerly Headline News) and Nancy Grace was on the phone talking about the MJ Memorial Service.

If this isn't the dumbest premise I've ever heard: Robin called her on the phone because she said "When you're reporting on a show, it can be different from sitting at home watching it, so we called Nancy, who is home watching, for her perspective..."

WTF?! I like Robin, but I think all that botox is seeping into her brain.

So Nancy gets on the phone and IMMEDIATELY starts railing on about how Michael's family and friends should have gotten him help with his drug addiction. Way to support the family on this difficult day, Nancy. Can you imagine being married to her and listening to her shit 24/7 over the dinner table?! Neither can I.

Sorry, but if you have small children and you can't find it within yourself to seek help for their sake, there is no way your siblings are going to reach you. MJ had to find it within himself to seek help, as does everyone else. Maybe he didn't think he had a problem, maybe he just wasn't at that place in his life yet, maybe he didn't care or maybe he thought that he was invincible, as do a lot of people who abuse drugs.

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