Sunday, July 12, 2009

ooooo it's so shiny

I will say one thing about WalMart: they certainly know how to throw together an eye appealing circular.

Check out the one in today's paper. It is full of brightly colored objects that instantly make me want to buy them. I don't give a flying fug if one of them is a purple measuring cup and I never cook. Or that another one is an orange sweeper and I avoid cleaning like the plague. They look pretty, damn it!

Now contrast the WalMart ad to an idiotic Ollie's ad, which comes in black and white, uses small print, and is so jammed together you need two pairs of bifocals to read it. Heck, they even use black and white photos of the stuff on sale.*Yawn* They might have good deals, but I wouldn't know because the ad is too boring to read. It reminds me of the way the Big Lots ads used to look until they got a tad more upscale and learned to use color in their flyers.

This concludes lesson one on marketing: make the item as eye appealing as you can. Doesn't matter if it's a diamond ring or a pile of dog doo doo.

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