Tuesday, July 28, 2009

if you find making toast as challenging as I do....

You're going to love the Clickfree back up drive for your computer. I know this cuz it says right on the box, "Easier than making toast." When I saw that I thought, "Hmmm, we shall see" because I've been dreading backing up my files. And I avoid making toast, too. Do I want light toast or dark toast? And do I trust the toaster once I make my decision? Too much thinking, I tells ya!!

EVEN THOUGH Stacey preaches backing up computer files in just about every five of her posts, I like to live on the edge. I have not listened one iota. I bet she even does it in her sleep. "Joe, what do you want for breakfast..insert snoring here..don't forget to back up your computer files.. more snoring...is it morning yet?" I tried backing up my crap once or twice and when it told me I'd need about 900 cd's, I said, "Fug it."

Clickfree IS every bit as easy to use as it says. You plug it into your USB port, and it does the rest. My entire computer was backed up in about 12 minutes. And it has enough space to back up fifteen computers.

The deal through their website is much better than the one I got from QVC. I paid a total of $118 and didn't even get a case with it, and yes, I'm going to send a bitch email to QVC this very moment!

Soooo, oh yeah, if you want an easy way to back up your computer files, try Clickfree and buy it through their site!!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, my kind of post. :-D

Here is the quick skinny on the ClickFree drives:

1. Each of them (doesn't matter capacity) will back up 10 PCs/Macs.

2. Each of them will back up unlimited profiles on any of the 10 PCs/Macs.

3. You can back up both Mac and PCs to the same drive.

4. The drive comes with software loaded on it with up to 50 pre-defined common file types it goes looking for to back up each time you do a back-up. You can also add unusual file extentions if you have custom database files you would like backed up at the same time.

5. The first time you run it, it takes a master copy of all your files. Every time you run it after that, it only looks for an saves what's changed or different, while keeping copies of old files you have deleted off you hdd for archiving in case you realise a month later you want/need a certain file you used to have on the computer.

6. Yes, you can restore from the ClickFree drive should anything go wrong with your hdd, like it tanks suddenly.

7. CF will only back up your data files, not your programs, you O/S and your settings. If you would like to back those things up, CF drives aren't for you. You will need imaging software on another external hard drive. You will pay a bit more, but it's so worth it when your drive tanks and you image back to a new hdd within a half hour. With the CF drive, you will still have to load Windows and all of your software in addition to restoring your data back to a new drive.

8. ClickFree is located in Markham, Ontario Canada.

9. They have a toll free 1-800 number with very friendly, helpful, fully trained staff that speak plain English and know the drives and software forwards and backwards. It's not like you're calling Dell and getting someone around the world. And they're phones are open 24/7.

10. CF drives start at 120GB and range all the way up to 1Tb in storage, and they have smaller devices to turn any old external mass storage device into a CF drive, so they have many, many options for all kinds of consumers.

Joe and I sell CF drives. We give them two thumbs way up on all the above mentioned points.

1. The first time you plug one in, it may sit like a lump because it's the first time Windows is seeing that particular USB device. If that happens, simply unplug the drive and replug it in. The second time Windows will see the device and recognise it has something it had plugged into it before, and allow the drive to start its software.

2. The CF software can and probably will take up to a full minute to initialise and start the back-up. Don't panic. This is normal. Leave the drive plugged in and keep your hands to yourself. The software will do all of the work for you so you can relax. When it's done the back-ups, it will tell you when to unplug it.

Happy backing up, everybody!! :-D


Anonymous said...

OOPS. So many spelling mistakes. Feel free to correct them for me, doll. :-D


*Goddess* said...

Sorry, can't correct spelling errors on this end.

The CF did everything it said it would AND was every bit as easy to use as promised.

So tell the truth--you do preach backing up files in your sleep, don't you?:)

*Goddess* said...

UPDATE: QVC said if I wasn't happy with the price, I can send the product back. Oh yeah, so I'll lose even MORE money than before in postage.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Sometimes when we're laying in bed and hashing out the day or the service that was done that day, we discuss who requires data recovery and why. 9/10, our customers don't have back ups because they're too lazy to do them or too lazy to learn how to do them, so they will beg us to recover what we can. And when we can only get back a certain amount, some get bitchy with us, like we can control the drives failing or what data we can get back employing three different software that ties up our benches for hours on end. People and computers suck. I like to treat them like petulant children at this point and state it's not our job to keep their data safe at all times, nor is it our job to teach them how (even tho we do try). When all else fails, I suggest professional data recovery to the bitchiest just to watch their faces contort at the quote price. The ones that the worst for not doing it are also the cheapest. "$1800? Are you serious?!?" I hear that a lot.


Anonymous said...

Aside story: the witch next door who LOVES to yell and scream at her kids non=stop every hour she's home (middle of the night? Sure, why not, too?) Her mother's computer died last week, and she remembered we have a computer store, so she dropped by unexpectedly to have us see if we could revive it and/or save the photos off the drive of her two kids when they were babies. As it turns out, the machine was toast (all of it from the power supply down to the motherboard) from a store we had recently. All gone. The hard drive was dead, therefore not baby photos. We're talking about a very computer savvy family (aside from the mother) here. She freaked. I asked her if she had back ups. Of course not! (I inwardly did a jig of glee. I can't stand this broad, or her sister, or her mother, and I hate her two kids, and her common=law hubby is a tool. I had to FAKE sympathy. I never had to do it. I think I did it right because she gave me a funny look. Joe said I was smirking while delivery the bad news to her face. :-D Me, feel bad. For her? Surely you jest!! This is a broad who had no problems yelling at her kids and slamming their bedroom door so they wail and cry for a few hours after midnight every night after we have drifted off to sleep. She should have been sterilised at her own birth.


*Goddess* said...

What frustrated the hell out of me every time I tried it was the error msg. I kept getting for the cd's. It would say they had a defect or something like that and the fugging things were brand new. I got so frustrated with that, I went to flash drives to save photos and music and writing. I'm thinking I could lose the rest and wouldn't care, the the Clickfree made it soooo easy.

Anonymous said...

ClickFrees are wonderful, but they may lull you into a false sense of security. They are simply three parts assembled into one: a mechanical hard drive, a pretty case and the back up software.

The hdd is just like any other hdd in any pc or laptop - they go with or withOUT any warning, and all of your data will go bye-bye with it. The best protection or form of back up for important data you can't afford to get lose or pay to recover is still DVDs and CDs. DVDs will hold 4x as much as CDs.

If you're having issues burning, common mistakes are not selecting the right type of burn you need to do to archive your files (Data/DVD or CD), not using proper burning software, not using burning software at all, and (believe it or not) putting the disk in the drive upside down.


*Goddess* said...

Weeeel, thank you for bursting my false sense of security bubble!! Now I have to buy a Clickfree to back up my Clickfree!