Saturday, July 04, 2009

bad kitty

I could not figure out why the flowers in this first pot were growing so badly, while the flowers in the second pot were turning out rather nicely. I was watering and feeding them the same.

I blamed myself, I blamed the flowers, I blamed the crappy growing season.

But I totally overlooked the real culprit until I caught one of the cats standing on the edge of the pot PISSING ONTO THE FLOWERS!

BTW, I am not the least bit happy with the 'clarity' of these pictures taken with my new Vivitar camera. I should have known better and gone with a Nikon or another Sony. They took FABULOUS pictures.


Mushy said...

Just goes to show you that cats are good for nothing! You can't even bury'em and use'em for fertilizer! Nothing will grow where they have been.

Now a dog...ever notice how green the grass gets where a dog has done its business? I rest my case!

*Goddess* said...

What kind of dog do you have?! All I have are big yellow patches where she pees:)