Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"will give b.j.'s for food"....and not even really healthy food

Chase OFF the kids?! Hell, he probably had an audience in his front yard. Unless it was the porno music that scared them. That bow chicka bow chicka bow wow will scare even the hardiest of souls.

Hello, gullible people? The line forms to the left....

I can't say anything. I've given it up for Snicker bars. But ONLY the really big ones. Snicker bars, that is.

12 biggest lady douchebags. Hey, don't blame me. I didn't name it.

1 comment:

BRUNO said...

A Chevy Malibu???

Hell, at least they use a Chevy Step-Van, or a Ford Econo-Liner around here for deliveries!

(Wonder if they were CLASSIC, or RUFFLES? And if she'd wring it out afterwards, maybe DIP would be included...???)