Tuesday, June 02, 2009

that's my kind of employer

I was keyed up when I came home from work last night and couldn't sleep right away, so I flicked through the tv channels and caught a few minutes of Tori Spelling's so called 'reality' show.

They have a heavy set nanny and they were supposed to go to a build a bear workshop.
Dean says to the nanny, "Are you ready to go?" and she said, "If you don't need me, I want to stay home because my back is killing me."
He looked all concerned and said, "Do you need a chiropractor?" and she said, "No, it won't do any good. I really just need to lose the weight"
He said, "What about pain killers?"
She said, "If I take pain killers, I can't do my job."
He said, "Ok, then stay home and go to bed."
Um, HELLO? Anybody see the logic in that? I can't do my job if I'm on painkillers, so I'll go to bed instead?!

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