Sunday, June 07, 2009

screw that 'full circle' bullshit!

I got home from work last night and was able to successfully connect to the laptop wirelessly in my bedroom, and had great speed.

I'm thinking, "Now wait a minute, if I can connect and maintain speed at night, there's no reason I can't do it during the day."

I logged onto Verizon's live chat tech support and they solved my problem. It's great because they connect to your computer and check everything out themselves, while I watched to make sure they didn't 'accidentally' break into my porn stash.

The best thing is I didn't have to worry about understanding any Indian--and I don't mean American Indian--accents!!!!!! (This is where I'd normally apologize for saying something like that, but I ain't gonna do it. I think if you're hired by an American company, you should learn how to speak CLEARLY. And YES, I feel the same way about Indian doctors!!!)

I asked the guy what the problem was and he said, "It was a 'quality' issue."
Translation: don't ask because I'm following a script and don't know.
I said, "Oh, that's exactly what I thought."
Translation: don't worry, I wouldn't understand it anyway.

Once again, Goddess is roaming!!!

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

["I asked the guy what the problem was and he said, "It was a 'quality' issue."]

LOL!! Noooo shit!:) Like you didn't have any during the day!