Saturday, June 06, 2009

once again, I've come full circle

When I bought my first sweet lil Gateway desktop, I was stuck back in the computer room. How I longed for wireless and the ability to roam freely throughout the estate. (Oops, did I say 'estate' cuz I mean 'trailer'.)

Well, I worked and worked and finally bought my sweet lil laptop. (Ok, a relative died and left me the money, but I digress.) Then I worked and worked (on my husband) and finally he agreed to buy DSL. You know, at the point that it became cheaper than dial up.

Finally, I was able to spread my wings!

Lordy, I updated on the bed, in the living room, on the kitchen table, on the toilet. [Word to the wise: don't update on the toilet.] You name it and I did it there!!!

Last month, when I was going through that freakish cleaning phase--now I think less of it as a 'freakish cleaning phase' and more of it as a 'stroke'--I decided that I wanted to clean out the computer room so I could sit back there at my desk and--yep, you guessed it--work on the computer. Even ET longed to go back home, and he was a grotesque alien!

I had part of the computer room cleaned when suddenly the computer connection went kerfluey on me. Suddenly it was saying there were no networks in my area and if I did connect, the speed would immediately drop to 1.0 mpb or mps or mba, whatevah the hell it is. The only way I could get it to work was to plug my laptop into the modem directly. All this time it's been plugged into my old desktop modem.

Wasting no time, I called Verizon because they're the BEST INTERNET SERVICE EVER!! They immediately put me on hold and made me wait for ten minutes, listening to their idiotic tech support messages. "Are you having connection issues? Go to, click on troubleshooting and then connection issues. You can find the answers to most of your questions there."

Really, Einstein?

What if your connection issue is that you CAN'T FUCKING CONNECT?! After that exercise in frustration, a computerized voice came on the line and said, "We're unable to complete your call at this time". Click.


You know when you're little and you have that one glorious snow, and it comes down so much and so fast that over the next few days you create a maze of paths to and from the house? Then you know what my computer room looks like. Minus the snow.

And here I sit in the midst of it all. I will admit, though, I'm right by the window now, and the view of the front yard from my desk is quite lovely.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Be patient. I'm sure India will fix your wireless as soon as they can!...(: