Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lucky 13

Today I watched Lucky 13 and The Water Horse. The Water Horse was sweet & predictable but I was all out bawling at the end and yelling, "Jump the fence, Caruso! Jump the fence!"

Lucky 13 was cute. The story was about a guy who was trying to win the woman of his heart who he had never been able to approach romantically, so he went back to his old gf's to find out what he did wrong. Funniest line I've EVER heard was when his friend warned him the women wouldn't cooperate. He said, "Women don't hold grudges. Time heals all wounds." LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Women don't hold grudges...good one!

There was one chick who couldn't let go of him. Every time she saw him she was with a different guy that she introduced as her 'new boyfriend' to try and make him jealous. Finally she sees him in the restaurant where she works on a date with his perfect woman. He takes her aside and says,
"Susie, please don't ruin this for me."
Susie: "I don't care what you do! You could go on a hundred dates and I could give a shit. You know why, Baker?" Starts to cry. "Because I'm over you! I'm so over you!"
Then she grabs him and begins kissing him. As he pushes her away, she says, "Tell me you love me, Baker! Tell me you love me!" Hilarious. Great scene.
Then Susie meets up with him again--in the men's room--to tell him she's sincerely sorry and doesn't want him to think of her as the crazy woman who couldn't let go. Then she drags him into a stall and tries to make out with him again. LOL!

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