Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's movie time once again

If you want to watch a mindless movie to pass the time, check out Bubble Boy starring Swoozie Kurtz and Jake Gyllenhal.

Jake plays a boy who was born with no immunities and has to live in a bubble the rest of his life. Swoozie is his controlling, Jesus freak, crazed mom and Kurtz plays the role to perfection. She's great.

Jake falls in love with the girl next door and when she goes to Niagara Falls to get married to her thug of a bf, Jake decides to follow. He meets up with an eclectic group of people who help him along the way.

The House Bunny was very silly and again, a movie that doesn't require much in the way of thinking. There was a funny scene in which a Beverly Hills cop finds Anna Faris living in her car. She tells him that she was evicted from the Playboy Mansion because she's '59 years old.' (In a previous scene, the Playboy chef tells her that she's '27 years old, and that's like 59 in bunny years.')

So the cop says, "I'm going to have to ask you to step out of your car and take a Breathalyzer test." She gets out and he says, "I'm going to need you to blow on this." She gets this really quizzical look on her face and says, "Really? Um...I ....ok." The cop turns to get the Breathalyzer off of his belt and when he turns back, Faris has dropped to her knees in front of him. LOL!

The next scene shows her in jail and the 'tutes are making fun of her. The one says, "You tried to do WHAT to a cop?!"
Faris says, "How was I to know? He was in uniform and everything!"

Next I started watching "Southland Tales". I haven't finished it and I don't know if I will. A dumber movie would be hard to find. One review suggested it was so damn clever you needed to watch it twice to 'get it'. Really? I can barely stand watching it once. No way in hell am I going to sit through that shit twice. It stars a strange mix of Mad TV folks and Saturday Night Live folks. Although Seann William Scott plays a helluva hott cop. One great line was when Amy Poehler was antaganizing Cheri Oterie about being a comedian. She yelled, "Just cuz it's 'live' doesn't mean it's funny!"

I also sat through a good portion of 'The Big Tease' starring Craig Ferguson. His Scottish accent is so hard to understand that I don't know if I'll finish it. He plays a hair dresser invited to an international hair contest in Los Angeles. He doesn't realize that he's only being invited to sit in the audience. After he finds out, he does everything he can to enter the competition. I had to put the movie on 'mute' several times and read the closed captioning to understand him. Ugh. Hate movies like that.

Next up: Secondhand Lions. Yes, FINALLY, Bruno:)

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BRUNO said...

Oh, you may NOT like "Second-Hand Lions", but I still LMAO each time I re-run it!

And try "Down Periscope", with Kelsey Grammer(of Frasier)sometime, too! Has a few good moments, as well!

Or try "The Long Kiss Goodnight", with Geena Davis.(of Cutthroat Island) It's anything BUT a romantic flick, don't let the title fool ya', like it did ME for a long time...!!!