Sunday, June 28, 2009

i can feel heart beat an you didn't even say a wordd

Michael Jackson's doctor is now claiming that Michael was alive when he found him. He said he detected a faint pulse and began performing CPR.

I was under the impression you are NEVER to perform CPR on someone who has any sort of heartbeat?

Anybody know?


BRUNO said...

Good question. I'd think if even a faint pulse was present, you wouldn't want to do CPR.

Maybe he's referring to opening the airway, to aid in breathing?

I don't know. And it being "Jacko", I don't care. That poor bastard needed more than a doctor to save what was left of him. A complete frontal lobotomy MIGHT have helped...?

*Goddess* said...

I see two bad signs here:
A. Having your doctor LIVE with you and
B. A doctor not knowing that CPR should be done on the floor and NOT on the bed.

BRUNO said...


If I had to live with MY doctor, he'd very likely be dead HIMSELF within a week! (Probably due to him and SUICIDE however, rather than by MY own hand...!!!)