Sunday, June 14, 2009

get your goobers! the movie is about to start

When I say something, I mean it, damn it. Take yesterday, for instance. When I woke up, I told myself that I was NOT going to watch any TV or movies. I was going to spend my free time reading.

So yesterday I watched "Cops & Robbersons," "Swing Vote," "First Sunday" and "Double Indemnity." (Yes, the one with Edward G. Robinson;)

Swing Vote starred Kevin Costner and was about how a Presidential election came down to the vote of one man. It was downright comical (and scary;) how the candidates kept changing their views based on what Bud (Costner) said he was looking for from the next President.

Cops & Robbersons was funnier than I thought it would be. I almost skipped over it when I saw it was a Chevy Chase movie, but it was also a Jack Palance movie and I've always thought he was one hell of a sexy guy. Chevy Chase played this male version of a badge bunny, who loved everything cop. The guy next door was a counterfeiter and the cops moved in to keep his house under surveillance. One of Chevy Chases' kids thought they were a vampire and he attacked Jack Palance's character. Chevy Chase sat him down and said, "The vampire game was funny for a while, but now we're losing a lot of blood around the house so maybe we can try a new game?"
Chase was also a TV cop movie buff and a hilarious scene was when he was returning movies to the video store. He said, "I mentioned this before, but Volume 8 of Police Woman has 11 seconds missing off the end credits. Has anyone else complained?" The clerk said, "No one else have even rented it." LOL!

First Sunday starred Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan and Michael Beach, who you might remember as Doc from Third Watch. They were two down on their luck ex-cons who needed money quickly and decided to rob the local church. It was very funny.

Last week I saw Roman Holiday for the first time and it was interesting to see Double Indeminty, too. Gotta say, though, I think Barbara Stanwyck would be much better looking with dark hair and not that blonde hair. I also never realized Veronica Lake was a blonde. I always thought she had black hair.

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Mushy said...

I love me some Goobers! At least when they're fresh and not full of little worms. I hate it when that happens!