Friday, June 12, 2009

freedom, that's what i want now

Oprah has been coming under fire lately for the medical advice she's been giving on her show. Apparently she had Suzanne Somers on the show and she was talking about the natural hormones she uses.

Now I know Suzanne Somers isn't a doctor, but I have to applaud her for taking her health into her own hands, and making decisions based on her own research. Granted the average person could not afford the injections she's using, but that's her call.

What is frightening to me are some of the articles I've been reading about this. One author rebuked Sommers for her plant based hormones while touting big pharma's male HORSE URINE based hormone pills, such as Premarin. How anyone could possibly think a pill made from horse's urine is better for our bodies than something found naturally in plants is beyond me.

The doctors were pissed they couldn't get up on stage next to Somers and push their prescription based agenda, but the truth is that as far as women's health is concerned, conventional medical treatments have pretty much failed us. We've been told to take prescription hormone therapy for YEARS, then suddenly, OOOPS A DAISY! Prescription hormone therapy can cause even MORE health problems!

AP is running a four part series on the evils of herbs and alternative medicine. I'm wondering when their four part series on the evils of prescription drugs and big pharma will begin? They can interview people who died from conventional medical treatments and leave us with that "gosh, if only they had chosen another route" feeling, like they've done in all of their herb articles.

I'm not out to convince anyone that because I believe the more natural the substance you put in your body, the better, that you should believe that, too. The bottom line is it's your body and your health and you should have a choice in how you wish to maintain that health.

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Anonymous said...

Very Good Article. It certainly seems like a lot of the natural remedies have been suppressed. It is time for the truth to be known!!!!