Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the young and the asinine

TV shows take lots of liberties with the truth, and it's very distracting, especially when it's downright stupid but essential to the plot.

Soap opera writers are THEE ABSOLUTE WORST when it comes to this bullshit.

Case in point: on The Young and The Restless, Adam committed a crime and was allowed out of jail, but he has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

He deliberately refused to eat and did a lot of exercising, like PUSH UPS, and is now able to slide the bracelet off of his ankle.

How the HELL is it possible to lose weight in your ankles through dieting and PUSH UPS?! For that matter, how the HELL is it possible to lose weight in your ankles, unless you're all puffed up with edema which this twentysomething is not?! Are we supposed to believe we lose weight in our ankle bones, too?!

The police or sheriff's department is notified immediately when a bracelet is removed, yet this idiot takes it off and it goes undetected.

Soap writers are also notorious for making the cops look like idiots. If there's a crime, the witnesses tell the cops who did it and they're usually arrested pronto. No wonder so many idiots are confused when they try this on COPS and it doesn't work.

Soap cops never take any statements at the scene--most times they NEVER take statements period-- and while they immediately tape off the crime scene, they usually wait till the next day to look for evidence. As a matter of fact, they're usually looking for evidence the same time the general public is trampling alongside them in the crime scene asking questions.

One INCREDIBLY stupid scene was during a recent bank robbery. Jeffrey--NOT a cop--simply walked into the bank, moments after a robbery and said to the nearest cop, "Did anyone get a good look at the perp?" and the cop immediately gave him information about the crime as if throwing the word 'perp' around convinces everyone you're in law enforcement.

It might only be a soap, but that's no reason for incredibly sloppy writing.


BRUNO said...

You've inspired me to ask somewhat the same question of these COPS:Street-Patrol shows, etc., etc.

Since when was the rule of "don't ruin the evidence" rescinded? I mean, do ALL cops really rush over, and pick-up that weapon, gun or otherwise, that was involved in an "incident", with NO gloves, toss n' turn it around a half-dozen times, and finally put it in the evidence bag, for "lifting of latent prints" later?

Guess I've been hibernating too long in my cave! But that doesn't seem to be the way it's handled around here, even in the poorest counties downstate...???

BBC said...

You watch way too fucking much TV. My TV isn't hooked to anything but a VCR and a DVD and I only turn it on maybe 6 to 8 times a year.