Saturday, May 23, 2009

what does Forbes know that I don't know?

I was reading this article entitled, "The Cars You'll Drive in 2014" and for some weird reason, I'm not seeing a '12 year old hunk a junk Kia Rio' on the list....


BRUNO said...

Ah-h-h-h, but that's only because they will, by that time,(5 whole years! Whoa---tie me down!) be considered a "classic", and worth DOUBLE the current $9.98 price tag!

Ironically, though---I've had people stop and ask: "How much for the '78 Ford one-ton?" Or, "Would you be interested in selling that '94 Toyota 4wd?" No one's yet offered to buy my "new" '00 Jimmy!

Maybe WE are the ones on the side of the eventual "winners" after all, eh???

*Goddess* said...

YOU maybe, but my guess is they don't think a Kia Rio will last that long.