Thursday, May 28, 2009

walk hard

I was flipping channels today and I caught a small amount of the Nancy Grace show. It wasn't Nancy, though, it was that woman who always fills in for her. I don't know her name, but she's a Nancy clone in that she's always interrupting and never lets anyone finish their sentences, and she has that badly frosted 'do' like they had back in the 80's.

Anywho, she was talking about that Kate chick from Jon & Kate Plus 8, and she said, "Kate is whining about the press. Boo hoo. She said she didn't sign on for this. But that's EXACTLY what she signed on for when she turned her family into a reality show." Ouch.

I watched the movie, "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" today. It started out to be a very funny movie, but went on waaaay too long. It had great dialogue, like where Dewey was trying to convince his wife that he was going to be a famous musician. He said, "I'm starting to think you don't believe in me." She said, "Of course, I believe in you. I just know you're gonna fail."
Then she said, "What about MY dreams?!"
Dewey said, "For the last time, I can't build you a house made of candy. It would fall down and the sun would melt it!" LOL!

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