Sunday, May 03, 2009

simply sunday

The other day I was driving to work and a big ole hawk flew over the hood of my car carrying a HUGE snake in his mouth. I wished I had a camera because the bird with his wings fully extended was absolutely gorgeous. And he was dipped my way so I could see all the designs in his feathers. I figured it was a sign that it was going to be a FABULOUS day. After all, he didn't drop the snake on my car.....

My boss was watching reruns of The (UN)Real Housewives of NYC Saturday night. I love this. In the same episode in which Jill is interviewed and asked about the recession, she talks about how it's 'affecting everyone', then she plops down $16K for a FRIGGING PURSE and her husband buys her a fully loaded Mercedes SUV. He later decides he will keep the SUV for himself and buy her another one after she complains she can't use her iPhone in the vehicle. Yes, I can see where the poor woman is really suffering financially. Simon dropped $6k on a pair of earrings for his wife in the same show.
Every time they ask the cast how they can justify wasting all this money during the recession, they say the show was shot prior to the recession. Yet there's Jill being interviewed specifically ABOUT the recession by the BBC, so that's obviously a lie.
I think the funniest woman on that show is the Countess, who is constantly telling everyone she's a Countess. Shit, she was teaching kids about manners, because she's "always getting letters from viewers about how to act in certain social situations"--yeah I bet she has file cases full--and the first thing she said to them was, "Does anybody know what a Countess is?" And some feisty teen raised her hand and said, "A pretentious phony nobody who was clever enough to marry someone with a title?" Ok, that last part was just in my dreams. Anywho, she's on the phone ordering PIZZA and when she gives her name she says, "Mrs. Delassep, " then quickly adds, "Countess Delassep." Yes, I'm sure the pizza delivery boy was impressed. Oy vey.

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