Monday, May 25, 2009

an ant can't move that rubbertree plant

For some weird reason, I have a bunch of tiny ants on my kitchen table. I took a paper plate, wrote "ant poison" on it so none of the offspring would think it was some delicious summer fare and sprinkle it on their ice cream, and put it on the table, hoping the ants would walk through it and carry the poison back home with them.

A short time later, Male Offspring #3 came into the living room and said, "Mom, you know that plate you wrote 'ant poison' on? If you wanted the ants to go on it, you should have written 'picnic food' on it instead."

And to think I sent him to private school to get a GOOD education....

1 comment:

BRUNO said...

As much as I hate to admit it---I thought the same thing, if only for a second!

And then I got to paragraph TWO, and said:"Damn, I'm glad I didn't leave a comment sayin' that!".......?