Saturday, April 11, 2009

you WISH you could be this organized!

When Mr. G wanted to sign up with Dish a month or so ago, I wasn't happy with the idea. We signed up but before they had a chance to come, I canceled. It bugged the piss out of me, that they were giving me a six month discount, BUT I had to stay with them for an additional 18 months at whatever they wanted to charge me.

They charged me a $49 fee --$90+ if you have two tv's, so when I called to cancel, I was very careful to document who I talked with, badge #, blah blah. I've been through charge backs before, and on the off chance they had no business ethics and didn't remove the charge on their own, I wanted to be prepared because I know they ask you a lot of information for the cc company.

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning, came across this paper with the Dish info and thought, "Eh, what do I need this for?" and I chucked it.

Needless to say--but I'm gonna anyway--the little f'ers are going to make me fight to get that $49 fee taken off and now I can't even remember when the appointment was....sigh. The credit card companies USED to be on OUR side but now we're guilty until proven innocent.

Suck it, Chase.

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