Saturday, April 04, 2009

when you're in love with a beautiful woman, it never ends

I came out of the grocery store last night with Mr. G, and as I walked passed this beat up old truck, this bum---for want of a better description---stuck his head out the window and said, "HiiiiiiiiAiiiiii," in a way that sounded more like, "Would you have sex with me?"

Hey, it's not his fault, I had "the do me vibe" going on all day yesterday...LOL!

Anywho, I ran over to Mr. G and said, "Honey! Did you hear the bum in that dumpy truck? He was coming on to me!"

He said, "Yeah, I heard him."

I said, "Isn't your gut twisting with jealousy?"

He said, "If it had been a good looking guy in a Corvette, I'd be pissed. But him? That's just laughable."

I said, "FINE! But when I retell and slightly embellish this story--and I will--I'm telling everyone you were crazed with jealousy!"

Poor guy, he can't help himself.

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BRUNO said...

Heh, I thought Mr. G. was gonna come back with: "Yeah---he's the district manager of the store!" or somethin'.....!!!