Sunday, April 05, 2009

when i grow up, i'm going to marry cake...not the band, the food

You know that I've often talked about my love of cake. About how I was going to marry a few guys I didn't even like, just for the wedding cake? How I had offspring I couldn't afferd, just for the shower cake and their subsequent birthday cakes? How I said my favorite thing about Mother's Day is the sixteen cakes I get and refuse to share? How I would give Mr. G bj's for a good sized piece of vanilla cake? Hey, I've given it up for a Snicker bar. BUT NOT the fun sized bars! I have principles!!

I've been trying not to eat any sugar--yes, I'm on that frigging kick again--and when I was at work last night my boss watched one show after another on the topic of....*drum roll please*.....CHICKENS!!

Ok, it was CAKE!! I just wanted to screw with ya.

I'm like, "What's next? The frigging pizza channel? 'All pizza you can't eat, all the time'?"

So I left there after midnight and was dying for cake. I passed several convenience stores along the way, and did I stop in and buy cake? Did I cave in a weak moment just for some damn cake? Hell, yeah. And it was guuuuuuud;)

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