Wednesday, April 01, 2009

pure crap

I was watching the soaps this afternoon and saw a commercial that encouraged kids to drink more water. At least that's what I thought the message was.

It talked about how kids don't "jump into pools of high fructose corn syrup" or "play in fountains of sugar on a hot summer day". Then it went on to say, "Water is the pure choice, so "embrace the 'Pure Life'."

I decided to check the ingredients in Nestle Pure Life to find out how "pure" it is. It's sweetened by Splenda and has 50 mgs of sodium for every 8 ounces. Way to ruin water, Nestle.

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Lin said...

Dontchya just love the health spin and the green spin on products until you read the label. Ii would be nice if consumable product ads were encouraged to list all the items and values in that same ad. Why not, the drug companies list side effects.